Evangelion 2.0 Trailer #2

2.0 Trailer 2, Rei with FishIt didn’t take long for the crappy cellphone rip of the 2nd Evangelion 2.0 trailer to hit the internet, but surprisingly, Khara put the 2nd trailer on the Bandai Channel post haste. As usual, only Japanese IP’s can hit those Bandai Channel links, but again, some asx tricks and you get the MMS link which doesn’t have any region restrictions. For those who fail to get MMS to work (come on, this is 2009), you can grab a cropped, xvid/mp3 version of it here.

Lots of new juicy bits of 2.0 sneak peaks in this trailer, too.

There’s a lot more cuts jammed packed into this roughly minute long trailer, but I’ll let someone else (Reichu) put together a cut by cut analysis of it. There does seem to be a lot of action in this second installment of Rebuild and it’s good to see that there’s plenty of Asuka like they promised. But it’s clear that this movie will seriously stray afar from the action arc of the Evangelion TV series that we all know and love, and as far as I’m concerned, it looks to be promising.

Update 5/9: A breakdown of the second trailer over here . And a text-only breakdown (in English!) here.