Rebuild RAHs – Shinji, Rei

Shinji RAHRei RAHToy company Medicom have brand new Evangelion ‘Real Action Heroes’ (“RAH”) lined up for release later this year. Two figures have been revealed so far – Shinji and Rei, both wearing their You Can (Not) Advance restyled plugsuits. Shinji – numbered 449 in the RAH series – is scheduled to be available at the end of August, and Rei – number 454 – at the end of September. They will measure 300mm in height and retail at 17,640 yen (figure stand included). As they are hidden by the clothing, there are no visible joints on the figures which are outfitted in plugsuits.

Real Action Heroes are high quality poseable figures with clothing made from material appropriate to their design (PVC in this instance), which often results in a more authentic look than plastic molded clothes – and a very ‘deluxe’ look to the figure overall. The price reflects the quality – RAHs typically cost around US$200. The series includes figures based on both japanese and american animation, comics, live action television and films.

Past Evangelion RAHs include three variations of Rei (plugsuit, school uniform and bandaged versions) and three variations of Asuka (plugsuit, school uniform and yellow dress versions). It’s nice to finally see a Shinji RAH emerge – expect an update on other figures as information becomes available.