Lawson’s Rei Ayanami Figure

Rei Ayanami Figure from Lawson’sLawson’s, a popular Japanese convenient store franchise, is offering a Rei Ayanami figure to celebrate the Rebuild 2.0 movie’s release. This PVC figure is about 20cm tall and is available for pre-order (approximate release date is 11th of August) at a cost of 7,350円 including tax. The figure is branded under the Loppi collection and is manufactured by Kotobukiya.

Lawson’s also offers advance tickets for the movie and packaged deals, although the Rei Ayanami figure is not included in one of these deals. Some of these deals include an Asuka and Rei PuchiEva figure with an advance ticket for 2,400円, and a Pen² pen with an advance ticket for 2,050円.