The Eva Monkey

Rebuild 2.0 Trailer Leaked

Just as before, our first real look at Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 is from a cellphone camera. This time, we don’t even have sound, and I think the quality is actually less. If I could pick apart everything that happens in this movie, it would amount to a mind boggling amount of stuff. Bardiel, Zeruel, Sahaquiel, Ireul, Leliel, Matarael, Sandalphon… just how many episodes and Angels do they plan to cram into this movie? Furthermore, how long is this movie? I am pleased to see that this movie has almost entirely new animation from what I can tell. That may just be the trailer for all we know, we’ll just have to wait until July 27th, when the film is released to know for sure.

The only confirmed Angels so far are Sahaquiel, Bardiel, and Zeruel. Episodes that are being utilized in some form include 08, 12, 15, and 17-19. -Reichu