Shin Eva now to be dubbed in Hindi

Indian fans of Evangelion have a good reason to be happy! Shin Eva is going to be dubbed in Hindi on its Prime Video streaming release. Furthermore, Shin Eva is set to feature subtitles in Hindi and the major Indian languages of Tamil and Telugu. As a matter of fact, this is the first time a major anime has been dubbed into an Indian language from the get-go.

Turkish subs are included too, for viewers in Turkey! Certainly, subs are rare in Turkish and the Indian languages, to say nothing of dubs.

This information comes from Shin Eva’s Prime Video page, which is now up! Thanks go to Xenosaga on the forums for pointing this out.

India remains a vast but poorly tapped market for anime, but things are changing. Significantly, the Demon Slayer movie was finally set to release in India on July 15 before pandemic-related delays. By comparison, Shin Evangelion appears set to arrive in India on the same day as the rest of the world in both dub and sub versions.