Operation 0706 is to be continued on July 6

Operation 0706 is to be continued on July 6. This date marks two years since the July 6, 2019 AVANT 1 screening, and Khara is to mark this anniversary with a partial online screening of Shin Eva.

Further details are on the official Evangelion website.

In short, the first 18 minutes and 47 seconds of Shin Eva screen on the Khara YouTube channel starting 8:00 p.m. Japan time. Next is behind-the-scenes making of for one of the movie’s battles. At 9:00 pm the Director’s Cut version of “Shin Evangelion’s All Night Nippon” follows. This includes messages from the Evangelion cast that could not be originally broadcast on the program on June 21.

The website announces that there are no plans on archiving the event and requests viewers to watch it live.