Eva Q Visual Story releases today

The Eva Q Visual Story releases today! The official Khara twitter announced that the Evangelion Q Complete Recordings Visual Story version would be released today, June 30. This was announced on twitter June 28 Japan time so it should be out by now. Sorry, folks, it seems we were slow to pick up on this!

Via GhostlyOcam on the forum

The visual story includes all the scenes in the order of the story and all of the dialogue. It is a part of the CRC. Further details are available on the Khara website. Based on the Google Translate and DeepL translations, it appears that the following is available:

The visual story is based on the Q: 3.333 version which was reshot in 2K resolution. To reproduce the high resolution images, a high-color, high-saturation printing process by Dai Nippon Printing is being used.

Q art director Takeshi Honda drew the cover illustration of Kaworu and Shinji in their plugsuits. A B4 pinup version of the cover in full color is included. A condensed version of 3.333 with all scenes and dialogue is included along with a “Music Cue Sheet” and an “Additional Script” that contains announcements and additional dialogue.

For more details, check out Khara’s site!