Extended documentary on Anno airs April 29

Studio Khara has announced that an extended version of Hideaki Anno’s NHK Professional documentary will air on April 29.

Courtesy of GhostlyOcam on the forum

From Khara official twitter account.

Channel BS1 will air the special program Farewell, all Evangelion ~1214 Days of Hideaki Anno~  on April 29. This extends the NHK Professionals documentary with new footage and interviews. Runtime is approximately 100 minutes, around 30 minutes longer than the original run. 

Khara also announced that the original NHK Professionals documentary would re-air on May 5th on NHK General.

Khara official twitter account.

Those of us who watched the documentary on March 22 found it enlightening. The inclusion of behind-the-scenes footage and interview was fascinating, and it is surprising to discover that more exists. We look forward to discovering what new treats the extended version brings us all!