A Friendly Reminder from Shuichi Iseki

Today, we have a friendly reminder from Shuichi Iseki on his Twitter account for Eva fans wishing to avoid spoilers. Iseki has worked as an inbetweener for 3.0 as well as a key animator for 3.0 + 1.0 in addition to other works such as Kill la Kill.

“It’s still early, but most likely there will be a release of spoilers after the film’s release on Twitter, so you should refrain from using it on March 8 if you don’t want to get spoiled.” (Special Thanks to GhostlyOcam for the translation)

All folks who wish to remain unspoiled should take heed of this advice. Make sure to mute key words and hashtags, so you may be more at ease over the next fews days and weeks. No need to cut yourselves off your Twitter accounts entirely.