Shin Eva runtime and classification revealed

Shin Eva has a 2 hour 34 minute runtime and is classified as “G” for General Audiences (all patrons admitted) by Eirin, Japan’s Film Classification and Rating Organization. Courtesy of @macgyjp on Twitter –

Thanks to forum user GhostlyOcam for both the initial heads-up and the following translation of the tweet’s text –

Shin Evangelion Theatrical Edition
Shinji Ikari, who was the cause of Third Impact has lost his will to live… Will he be able to recover? An animated film that continues the story of Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: Q from 2012. (2 hours 34 minutes)

Examination Date: 2021-01-18/Eirin Number: 121619
Company (Country of Origin) – [Distribution] Toei, khara (Toho, Toei)

Translation by GhostlyOcam, original tweet by @macgyjp as linked above.

The Eirin site is unavailable for users outside of Japan, so we’ll have to wait for someone there to look up the Eirin Number. But this is solid information that the new movie is much longer than previous entries in the franchise (particularly Evangelion Q, which was only 1 hour 36 minutes long).

UPDATE: It is reported that the Eirin link has been pulled down, which suggests it was put up prematurely. However, there is no reason to doubt its veracity – it’s the real deal, folks.