Neon Genesis Evangelion Coming To Netflix

It looks like the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series finally has a distributor in the west in Netflix. Starting next Spring (2019), Netflix will be streaming all 26 episodes of the original series as well as Evangelion: Death (True)2 and The End of Evangelion. The stream will be available across the world in 190 different countries

It’s not clear which version of the series (or the resolution) will be streamed, but the newest Platinum version, possibly including the director’s cuts of episodes 21-24, are probably a good bet. High definition versions of the original series have aired in Japan so it’s possible we’ll get a 1080p stream. It’s also unknown if the stream will only be available in Japanese language audio or if there will be localized versions for the different markets the stream will be available in. Could we see a return of ADV’s old English dub?

Either way, this is a pretty big deal since the original series hasn’t had a western license holder since ADV’s lapsed in kind of a messy way after it shutdown in 2009, and all signs pointing to it ever getting licensed again to be very slim.

Official Netflix trailer:

Along with Neon Genesis Evangelion, Netflix will start streaming Ultraman (April 1, 2019), Rilakkuma and Kaoru (April 19, 2019), 7Seeds (April 2019), and Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (Summer 2019).

UPDATE 11/30/2018:
According to Amanda Winn Lee, it appears Netflix will be redubbing Evangelion:

I’ll make a new post once more info trickles out of the machine.