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Gainax releases Sadamoto’s Evangelion manga in full color

Gainax has released the first stage of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s Evangelion manga to the ComicWalker platform in full color.  Also, they’ve released a substantial portion of the first stage for free through their online viewer.  Details are sparse, so it’s uncertain as to whether they plan on doing more than just the first stage, but it is definitely interesting to see a comic published nearly 20 years ago (geez!) updated with a splash of color.  You may recall that the first few pages of the first stage did originally come in color, as well as a stage in the second volume.  I doubt I’m alone in having wanted to see more of the comic in color.

UPDATE: Sailor Star Dust on Eva Geeks has pointed out that after downloading the Comic Walker app, it defaulted to English and she was able to access the English translated version of the colored comic, so at the very least, it is also being made available in English.  Very cool.

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