Evangelion 3.33 English Dub Premiere at NYCC

nyccAccording to Funimation’s recent blog post, the New York Comic Con’s 3.0 screening will be the English dub, and the premiere. NYCC had already announced that some of the English dub cast will be at the con as guests, which lead to a bit of speculation that there would be news about the English dub. And now we know that not only is the English dub ready, but that the NYCC screening will be the first.

Here’s a list of the English cast:

  • SHINJI – Spike Spencer
  • KAWORU – Jerry Jewell
  • ASUKA – Tiffany Grant
  • REI – Brina Palencia
  • MISATO – Allison Keith-Shipp
  • RITSUKO – Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • MARI – Trina Nishimura
  • FUYUTSUKI – Kent Williams
  • GENDO – John Swasey
  • KITAKAMI – Tia Ballard
  • SAKURA – Felecia Angelle
  • AOBA – Phil Parsons
  • TAKAO – Greg Dulcie
  • TAMA – Aaron Roberts
  • HYUGA – Mike McFarland
  • NAGARA – Krishna Smitha
  • IBUKI – Caitlin Glass

You can find more information about showtimes and the convention at the NYCC website, but it’s listed as Saturday at 4:30pm and Sunday at 12:00pm.