Evangelion 3.0 Screening at Montreal

fantasia_film_festival_2013The Fantasia International Film Festival just posted their schedule for this year and it seems they’ll be screening Evangelion 3.0, You can (not) redo in a little over a week on July 20th. In 2010, the film festival screen Evangelion 2.0. The film will be shown at the Imperial Theatre at 11:30am and will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles.

From the film festival’s movie page:

Maverick Evangelion pilot Asuka is sent into Earth’s orbit, with the mission of retrieving Unit-01 and Shinji Ikari, sealed away in a coffin-like container. Following an almost fatal battle with the Angel her efforts unleash, she succeeds in bringing the dormant Shinji home — to a world he know longer knows. Fourteen years have passed, Earth has been even further devastated by Third Impact, and Shinji finds himself the prisoner and prize of WILLE, an organization through which many of his former allies now do battle against NERV and its EVAs. The monumental cosmic mystery at the heart of which Shinji finds himself has gone farther and deeper, the stakes of the war even greater than imagined.

The third of the quartet of films in Hideaki Anno’s “Rebuild of Evangelion” feature-film series, EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO thickens the plots are raises the already eye-popping visual standards of one of the greatest sagas in the history of Japanese animation, one in which futuristic technology and ancient mysticism are fused with terrifying implications but the humanity of its individual players is never overlooked. The series takes familiar anime tropes — the boy and his robot, the interplanetary war for the survival of the human species — and realizes them with an intelligence and thoughtfulness unmatched in the genre. An even greater attention to design details, a darker and more sober direction in the storytelling, a judicious application of digital animation techniques and mind-boggling, psychedelic techno-mayhem surpassing anything the series has yet unleashed make EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO essential big-screen viewing for any true devotee of Japanese animation at its finest, fiercest and most fulfilling.

— Rupert Bottenberg