Nicovideo’s new site campaign releases sneak peak to Evangelion 3.0

During a “Zero” countdown to a Nicovideo site campaign, there was some hints at an Evangelion collaboration. With some Evangelion styled timer count-downs, we really didn’t get much.

But then it was time, 3am EST rolls around and Niconico (Japan’s very popular version of Youtube) does their new live release broadcast. People without premium accounts got kicked off as resources were reserved for people with premium accounts. Around 6am EST we finally got something. A short trailer-of-sorts for Evangelion 3.0, you can grab a copy of it HERE.

Amongst things of note:

  1. Shinji looks kind of pissed off, but that’s nothing new in these new movies.
  2. Kaworu is actually interacting with people (more importantly with Shinji).
  3. Asuka space scene, which we’ve previously seen in an unfinished TV-only preview
  4. Looks like a Kaworu + Shinji doing a “Quatre-mains” on a piano (Shinji’s hands being the less pale ones).
  5. Oh, and there’s one smug Mari

Will update the post as new things show up.

Someone uploaded it to Youtube: