Free Paper Eva-Extra 08 released on Sunday July 1st

According to Studio Khara’s official website, the free paper Eva-Extra 08 will be released on Sunday July 1st at 9PM (during a movie screening). The free paper will be released at Wald 9 Cinema. The last Eva-extra released was Eva-Extra 07, in conjunction with the the Japanese BD/DVD release of 2.22.

Let’s hope this is the gradual start of 3.0 news.

EDIT: Turns out Eva-Extra 08 might be screen projected like a video at the Wald 9 Cinema instead of released in Free Paper format? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks to AchtungAffen for the tip.

EDIT # 2: A Twitter correspondence with Minna No Eva Fan confirmed that Eva-Extra 08 will be screen projected at Wald 9 Cinema.