SH-06D Nerv Phone Promo Plus Review

NTT Docomo released a promotional video (strangely, in English, with a British accent? Australian accent?) of their new SH-06D Nerv smart phone. We previously made a post with pictures of a mock-up of the phone but these videos look like the working UI. As unusably cluttered as it appears, the 3D-ish UI still looks really awesome. This promo tells about the creation of the phone within the story of Evangelion.

DAIGO Eva report is also doing a 5 segment review of the phone, but it’s in Japanese. Though around the 3:40 mark, you can him play around with what looks like a working SH-06D. This is the first of five.

Source: Official SH-06D Video page

The Verge did a review of the phone:

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