Arianne releases 2 new versions of Komm Susser Todd

Back in January, Arianne, the artist who sang the song Komm Susser Todd that played during the start of 3rd Impact in the movie, The End of Evangelion, announced on her Facebook page that she would be working on new versions of the song, along with a video. Around the 20th or so of March, she posted that the song and video are done recording and are in post-production. You can see some of the photos in the related forum thread.

There’s a site called Komm Susser Tod 2012 that was put up (currently just a place holder) in mid-March but you can hear and buy the 2 versions on Smash My Box. There’s a 7 minute long version plus a shorter dubstepped version. You can also here other recordings by Arianne at that site.