Evangelion 3.0/Q Poster on Facebook

A quick update for those who didn’t see khara‘s or our tweets late last night, there’s an official Evangelion Facebook page that contains a movie poster for 3.0/Q in the spirit of the previous 2 posters for 2.0 and 1.0. It also reveals that the color theme will by a cyanish blue where 2.0 was orange and 1.0 was red.

Also, the page links to the updated Evangelion website that has a similar image of the poster with navigational tabs at the bottom that takes you to info about each of the movies. The 3.0 tab takes you to a page where they announce that on January 18th, their official facebook page was launched. The FINAL tab is white, possibly indicating that the color theme for the final movie, due in 2013, will be white.