ADV Sues Gainax over Live Action Evangelion Film Rights

A legal dispute has erupted between the North American anime distribution company previously responsible for the release and distribution of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series in the US, ADV, and the Japanese production company responsible for the creation of Evangelion, Gainax, over the rights of any live action Evangelion film projects.

The Film Option and Purchase agreement that was signed by both parties back in February 2003 allowed ADV to pursue “the possible development, production, financing and exploitation of at least three (3) live-action theatrical motion pictures, five (5) television programs and three (3) direct-to-video movies products (each, a “Project”).” ADV is suing Gainax over claims that Gainax breached their contract with them in not agreeing to hand over full rights to them once the specified amount of money was paid. A full run-down of the legal argument and history can be read in the original article at Crunchyroll.

What this means for the likelihood of any live action Evangelion production is unclear at the moment, but ADV claims that because of Gainax’s delays they have already missed at least one opportunity to produce a film with a major studio.