A Live Look at Evangelion:ROOM

We mentioned earlier about the new Fuji-Q Evangelion:WORLD attractions as well as the Evangelion:ROOM, an Evangelion themed hotel room at the Fuji-Q theme park. Here is a live look at one of these Evangelion themed rooms:

Entering the Evangelion:ROOM

You can press these and have Rei Ayanami speak

A look inside of the "Entry Plug" bed, complete with lights, storage cabinets, telephone, stereo, and bluray player

Other features include special images printed on the walls and ceilings that can be seen only with a blacklight, a Nerv coffee table, some production drawings framed on the walls, a large decal of Evangelion Unit-01 on the window facing the outside (making it look like Eva-01 is hanging out outside), Rei Ayanami wake-up calls and of course, a life sized statue of Rei in her plugsuit behind a glass case.

The full video including a short tour through parts of Evangelion:WORLD, is available at Yahoo Japan.