Asuka Langley Soryu by Yamato

This Asuka figure (note: labeled as “Soryu” and not “Shikinami”) from Yamato Toys caught my attention today. This 25cm tall figure created by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa and Shunya Yamashita depicts an older looking Asuka. The original resin version of this was sold for 11,000 yen at this year’s Wonder Festival (winter), but a PVC version was released by Creator’s Labo is supposed to be released on the 13th and a bunch of pictures of it have popped up on the internet.

I’m sure the original resin is much nicer, but I still think this figure is kind of nice eventhough I don’t really collect figures. It’s a cheaper, too, 7,680 yen at Akihabara or 7,416 yen on Amazon.

(Picture from Akiba Soken)

(Pictures from Akiba Hobby)