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ANNCast “NERVous Breakdown” with Carl Horn and Aaron Clark

ANNCast wisth Zac Bertschy and Justin SevakisFor your Thanksgiving listening pleasure, might I consider taking a listen to this week’s installment of Anime News Network’s podcast entitled “NERVous Breakdown“. Carl Horn, Dark Horse manga editor, long time Evangelion manga editor, and all around cool guy discusses with me and host Zac Bertschy a number of different topics including our take on the two endings, our thoughts about religion in the anime, as well as our thoughts on the manga and the new movie series. Carl brings the substance and commentary, I bring the banter and the opinion. We’re like a dynamic duo, and Zac is caught in the middle of it all. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be on ANNCast, and I hope you all enjoy the chat that we had.