Life-Sized Evangelion Unit-01 Completed

The “Life-Sized Evangelion” attraction at the Fuji-Q High Land amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, near mount Fuji, has been completed. The entire attraction covers a 1460 square meter area and costs 150 million yen to make, which includes life-sized Seele monoliths, a life-sized entry plug that you can get in, some life-sized statues of some characters, and of course, a life-sized Evangelion Unit-01. The Eva is only a bust, about 9m high and 16m across, but it does open its mouth and breathe out some smoke. Oh, and there’s also some cosplay going on as well as the Augmented Reality. Currently, only the media has access to this Evangelion Pavilion. It will be opened to the public on Friday, July 23rd and the grand opening will be streamed live on Fuji-Q’s Ustream channel, scheduled at 7:30pm EST on July 22nd.

You can watch the completion movie at the fujiq.jp website. The previous movies during the construction:

And here are lots of pictures:

Source: Evangelion Urgent News