Evangelion 1.11 review at Blu-ray.com

Funimation’s Evangelion 1.11, You are (not) alone, BD gets a pretty lengthy review over at Blu-ray.com. Although most fans have already seen the Japanese 1.11 release on BD, it’s good to hear that Funi’s release isn’t going to be a letdown (well, almost). The reviewer, Jeffrey Kauffman, starts off be describing the original plot and franchise, then some of the differences between the original TV series and Rebuild. He breaks down his review into Video (5/5), Audio (5/5), and Supplements (2/5), with an overall rating of (4.5/5).

A few Excerpts:

“Colors are incredibly robust and gorgeously saturated. Fine line detail on the handdrawn elements is superb, with excellent delineation between characters and backgrounds.”


“One goes into these films expecting the battle scenes to be bombastic, and Evangelion certainly does not disappoint in that regard. You will hear the laser thrust of EVA’s ammunition clearly moving through the various channels as it nears its Angelic target, but there’s also an incredible wealth of ambient surround sound activity throughout much of this feature.”


“What you really have is a 15:47 feature called Rebuild of Evangelion, a series of animatics and test footage showing additions to this version. It is available with two different soundtracks, one by Shiro Shajisu and the other, somewhat funnily, featuring Ravel’s “Bolero.” Aside from this extra, there’s a 2:20 Angel of Doom promotional video, and less than a minute of interstitial News Alerts advertising this Evangelion’s immanence. A second column of extras is entitled Movie Previews, but what it boils down to is seven versions of one teaser, all playing out at about 1:36 to 1:41, with remixes of either “Fly Me to the Moon” or Evangelion’s closing theme “Beautiful World.” A third column features very brief teasers for other Funimation releases.”


“One way or the other, this is a visually and aurally sumptuous release that is sure to delight longtime fans and may in fact pique the interest of a whole new group of folks who will want to further explore the complex Evangelion universe.”

Some people overseas seem to have already received their pre-ordered copies of Evangelion 1.11, while in the U.S., we have the street date of March 9th, 2010. Only a few more days… There’s also some screenshots in the blu-ray.com link.