100 Page Evangelion Digest, Young Ace vol. 9

The latest issue of Young Ace, volume 9, contains the rumored 100 page digest “Evangelion Extra Issue”. The digest contains some parody mangas, summaries of the 12 volumes of Sadamoto’s Evangelion manga, a preview of stage 77 of the manga, and, probably the most interesting, some message from Gainax staff to Sadamoto and his responses.

Anuraag Agrawal at the english-language evangelion mailing list, has graciously provided translations of some of these messages:

Hideaki Anno: Hurry and finish. Good luck.

Sadamoto: After finishing up volume 12, I’ll have to start working on
Rebuild, so wait just a little bit…


Hiroyuki Imaishi: Speaking of the Eva manga, when I first entered the company, since I had been drawing for a Dojin magazine, I helped out as an assistant for one day. I still remember how utterly unusable my work then was. I’m really sorry about that. orz

Sadamoto: I can’t even remember that assistant thing at all. I’m looking forward to your next project and cheering you on.


Kazuhiro Takamura: Congrats on the release of volume 12. Before becoming an animator, and even now, I’ve been studying the girls you draw, in particular the lines of their body. That line which seems to flow from back to hip, as much as I try to copy it, I can’t seem to be able to. I wonder if that’s because I just suck, or maybe I don’t have enough pervertedness yet. Thanks for giving me that nickname “earl of orgasms”.

Sadamoto: Follow your own “way of the moe-anime”. Bore into that hard disk
of yours full of porn with your drill lol (ed: euphemism?)


Mine Yoshizaki: Sadamoto-sensei, I was waiting! Congratulations on your new release. With this, there’s one more “something”. I’m a huge fan of Evangelion, of Eva, and I love all of Nerv staff, umbilical cables, missiles, black holes in the moon, somewhat lacking ceremony drawings, everyone at Gainax, and also Sadamoto-san. But I’m not gay, so don’t worry. What I love the most is the AT field!

Sadamoto: There was already one more “something” (ed: not sure what they’re referring to, could be some bet along the lines of “one figure for every volume you release”) By the way, I went to the ZELE (marked with the pronunciation ze-ru ed: the same as SEELE) beauty parlor you recommended, and the staff there corrected me saying it’s pronounced zeru (ed: not ze-ru). lol

Okay, maybe not super interesting but probably better than the parody mangas. “Earl of orgasms”? (“orz” is a Japanese emoticon for bowing on your knees in apology)