Evangelion iPhone Case and Battery

Nerv themed iPhone battery cover
For the Eva fan who has everything as well as an iPhone, there is yet another bauble to buy—though these ones won’t come cheap. Gainix and XPAL Power have teamed up to produce two Evangelion themed iPhone 3G battery-pack cases which it is claimed can double the lifespan of Apple’s popular smartphone. The cases come in two themes; a black and red Nerv theme, and a white “Rei” theme (which has another Nerv logo, but no Rei). Such heights of Eva gadget chic will set prospective owners back ¥12800 (~$140/€96), and that’s not including the cost of the iPhone itself. The cases look to still be in development at the moment, but are due to be released on the Evastore on the 31st of January.


Oh, and you also get a Nerv themed carry sack for the battery case with the deal as a “special favour”. At least they’re not offering more “service”.