Evangelion Chronicle Reprint

evangelion_chronicle_reprint_01The 30 volume Evangelion Chronicle weekly magazine published by Sony Magazines will be getting a “revised edition” by De Agostini and will include 10 new volumes. The weekly releases of the reprint will start in January 19th of 2010. The first issue will have a special price of ¥ 390 while the remaining issues will be sold for ¥ 690. The new volumes (31-40) will include information about the “New Theatrical Version” of Evangelion, or what most fans call Rebuild. Also, like the original run of Evangelion Chronicle, the issues can be taken apart and put in a 3 ring binder. For the reprint, it seems the binder will be included with the first issue.

There’s only speculation of what will be different from the original printing, but most people will probably be more interested to see what ends up in the new volumes.