Evangelion 2.0 Subtitles

Since the crappy camrip of Evangelion 2.0, You Can (Not) Advance, leaked some time ago, people have been madly translating parts of the movie. Well, someone finally posted an SRT subtitle file timed to the camrip, but it’s in Spanish. Didn’t take long for someone else to take the Spanish subtitles and convert them to English using a translation program. So for people who simply can’t wait for proper subtitles, you can look in this forum thread. The subtitles are VERY Engrishy, so be forewarned. I don’t know Spanish so I don’t know how good those subtitles are, but the Engrish subs are guaranteed to be a bit lacking. At any rate, with subtitle timings, a good English translation should be a little easier since the timing part is already done.

Update 8/4/2009: The final version of the Spanish subtitles can be found at Jagam’s blog.