Some Evangelion 2.0 Details

Eva Extra 04With only a week before the premiere of Evangelion 2.0, Kadokawa Cineplex has posted that the running time of this second installment of the new Evangelion theatrical releases will have a running time of 108 minutes. This makes the movie about 10 minutes longer than 1.0. This is probably a good thing since the trailers seem to indicate that there will be a lot of action, and some fans have speculated that there won’t be much time for character development or that everything will just feel rushed.

There will also be a fourth EVA EXTRA that will be released on June 27th to coincide with the premiere of the movie. Unlike the previous issues of EVA EXTRA, this one features a box cover and will cost 1,300 yen instead of it being free. It will only be available at the theaters.

Source: MyCom