Evangelion 1.11 BluRay Reviews

The BluRay release of 1.11 was today (in Japan) and already we’re flooded with screenshots and online reviews of the new product. For the most part, the screenshots make it look good. The brightness issues with the 1.01 DVD release looks to have been alleviated and the resolution is clean and crisp (thanks to CtHuLhU for finding these screenshots):

Evangelion 1.11 BD screenshot (1920×1080)
Devastated landscape of Tokyo-3

Evangelion 1.11 BD screenshot
Equipment before Operation Yashima

Evangelion 1.11 BD screenshot
More prior to Operation Yashima

Some links and reviews (in Japanese):

  • Akihabara News, including pictures of the packaging.
  • ASCII.jp, some more pictures of the packaging.
  • AV Watch review, includes a breakdown of the SBMV Technology.
  • Intermezzo does a visual comparison of the 1.01 DVD vs the 1.11 BD. The difference is literally night and day.
  • Eva Emergency News has a 1.01 DVD vs 1.11 DVD comparison, although he mentions that his PowerDVD player artificially made everything brighter.