“Cool Girl” Misato and Asuka Figures

Misato Cool Girl FigureAsuka Cool Girl FigureAs an update to the Ritsuko Akagi “Cool Girl” Figure post from earlier, the Misato and Asuka CG figures made an appearance at the Takara Tomy Doll Show. The Asuka CG was previously released in March and the Misato CG will be released in June.

The Misato CG Figure is sold at 17,640円 (including tax) and is 1/6 scale. It includes interchangeable wrist replacements, a pallet rifle, an H & K USP gun, sunglasses, a pendant cross, and a stand.

The Asuka CG Figure is also 1/6 scale but it costs 18,690円 with tax. It comes with a headset (including the interface headsets), a fancy looking handgun, a holster, interchangeable wrist replacements, and a stand.