Rumor Mill: Uhh… Kaworu and Mari are twins?

Mari in the Puchi Eva DS gameYesterday, at the Eva Emergency News Blog, a link to 2ch was posted that was part of an Evangelion Pachinko related thread, that appears to indicate at a certain point in the game (Challenge Bonus?) where Kaworu and Mari are twins. From the beginning, since the name “Mari” first appeared in the Nintendo Puchi Eva DS game, nothing official has been released about her except some images, a figure, and some other random merchandise.

Normally, stuff like this would immediately raise the Red BS Flag, but since the new character Mari has been so hyped yet so little is known about her, I figured a mention is at least warranted. Keep in mind this is posted by some random person, on 2ch, about a pachinko game, so don’t put too much stock into this bit of “news”. Also, as of today, the newest Eva Pachinko magazine has no mention of Mari.