New Revoltech Eva Figures, Closer Look at Eva-05

New Revoltech Eva figures for Eva 2.0Four new Revoltech Eva figures attached to the new movie (Eva 2.0) go on sale in June: Eva-01, Eva-02, Eva-05, and one yet to be revealed. The announcement was made in the 5/09 issue of Dengeki Hobby, the magazine that serializes Evangelion Anima.

Although Eva-05 (closeup) is partially obscured and “grayed out” in the images available thus far, they provide additional insight into her design. Our first glimpse of Eva-05 from the preview in 1.0 established that there was something very strange about her arms, and, here, it seems to be because they are almost completely missing! The stubs that remain probably act as receptacles for interchangeable weapons (such as the giant lance-like objects seen in the preview) — so expect the Revoltech figure to include an assortment. Even more peculiarly, instead of the usual human-style legs, the Eva seems to have four mechanical appendages that terminate in wheel bases. “What has Science done?!?”

It’s going to be very strange seeing this Eva in action……