Rebuild of Evangelion 1.01 released on DVD

Evangelion 1.01 BoxsetThe Limited Edition of the first of the Rebuild of Evangelion movies was released on DVD on April 25th. This is a slightly edited version of what was shown in theaters with audio and visual enhancements to 266 shots and has the designation “1.01”. There has already been several blogs reviewing the packaging and the contents of the DVD in detail so I’ll just quickly skim over this. The plain red box contains a sleeve with 2 DVDs, the first containing the movie (without subtitles) and the script, the second contains the “Explanation of Evangelion”, essentially the movie with text overlays explaining what everything is, music videos and trailers. There’s also a pamphlet, some advertisements, and more interestingly, a clip of 5 frames of the actual film.

Having already seen the movie in the theaters, I was more excited about the film clips which I first read about on the January 31st post at eva.b-ch.com. Some of these film strips have been auctioned for over $1000. There is also a Japanese site that has been compiling the film strips that people have been getting with their DVD (here and here).

According to Oricon, there have been over 219,000 DVD sales in less than the first week, making it the best selling DVD release in Japan so far this year.

Also, the movie will be screened at Fanime Con at the end of May in the Main Video room, for those who live near or can visit the San Jose area.