Neon Genesis Evangelion Finally Coming to BluRay

eva-official1Big News early Monday morning, it was announced on the official Evangelion site that the original 26 episode TV series + the 4 “Director’s Cuts”, Death & Rebirth (theatrical version), End of Evangelion, and Death
will all get HD remasters and be released as a BluRay boxset with a tentative release date in Summer 2015. No word on any technical specifications or extras, or the price which is sure to be an arm ad a leg.

There’s been a lot of debate over the years about how feasible a full HD remaster of the TV series would be and whether it would be worth it or little more than an upscale. At least it seems they’re serious about doing it right, and I’m sure they have the means for a quality BD release. That’s what everyone is hoping for, at least.

The other question is if there will be an English release and who would take on the license? Will there be a release somewhere (HK, maybe?) that at least has English subtitles? Will Funimation take on the rest of the Evangelion properties and do a BD boxset and a full redub? Can only speculate right now but could be a lot of big news coming from familiar names like Funimation or Madman Entertainment in the coming year.

eva-official2Additionally, the official website also lists a DVD Boxset release in Summer 2015 of the 26 episode TV series and the TV version of Death and Rebirth called “Archives of Evangelion“. It looks to be the On Air versions of the TV series episodes as well as the version of Death and Rebirth that was aired on TV.

There’s also no official release date for the DVD Boxset nor any details on the release or extras. It doesn’t mention whether these are the original masters of the episodes, though I’d guess they will be identical to the original ADV “Perfect Collection” release that included all of the On-Air episodes (instead of the home-video versions that GAINAX was releasing in Japan).