Evangelion 2.22, Hong Kong R3 release (with English Subtitles)

The R2 Japanese release of Evangelion 2.22, You can (not) advance, will be out in a few days (May 26th). Of course, it’s not going to have English subtitles. For those who want a hard media copy of 2.22 with English subtitles can pre-order a copy of the Hong Kong Region 3 release (BluRay Region A), which will also have a Cantonese audio track as well as Chinese subtitles, distributed by Asia Video with a release date of June 25th.

The packaging looks similar to the Japanese R2 release and there’s also limited edition versions of the DVD and BD available from Yes Asia. The Limited Edition releases of the BD comes with the 2.0 Theatrical Program, the DVD comes with projections (I assume you attach them to a flashlight to project an image), and both the DVD and BD will come with a bag and “secret” gifts. For those looking to import, these will come much cheaper than the Japanese releases setting you back by about $31 USD for the DVD ($37 for Limited Edition DVD) and $40 USD for the BluRay ($45 for Limited Edition BD). The DVD and BD will come with Dolby 6.1 and 2ch Japanese audio.